RowClub exist for 3 reasons:

1) For the People

We've met so many hard working professionals who have embraced us with open hearts and open minds. They've endured our hardest workouts, listened to our ques and ended every work out with a smile (sometimes a beer or two). We've celebrated birthdays, boyfriends, babies, promotions, jobs, vacations and marriages together. 

2) To teach really good rowing.

Unfortunately, bad rowing is taught in exercise studios and gyms all over the country. Bad rowing is even showcased on HBO's award winning series, poor Kevin :( However, RowClub is here to teach really good rowing. Please pay attention in class we need your help to spread the word.   

3) To Make America Fit again

Currently only 20% of Americans ages 18-65 exercise regularly. A whopping 80% of American adults do not meet proper strength training recommendations. So grab your friends, tell your neighbors, call your mother and let's get America rowing.