Breann RowClub Review

Breann G. - 5 Stars

RowClub is as good as it gets when it comes to fitness.

In a short 45 minutes these guys put the class through varying routines of rowing on the ergs, functional exercises and core workouts. There isn't a minute wasted and a lot of sweat is poured. You're definitely getting your money/time's worth for this class. That being said, it's not like you're checking the clock and praying for the class to end, it's entertaining and varies enough to stay interesting. Each instructor has his own "style", so it never really gets old. After 10 months of rowing with these guys, I've seen great results in my body and attitude and RowClub is a staple in my life now.

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Steph L. - 5 Stars

I have to say RowClub is quickly becoming one of my favorite new cardio workouts as I'm rehabbing my Achilles. Instructors are really nice -- love Johan's class. Took some time to get the row technique down to be the most efficient and effective but loving it so far. I'd like to think of rowclub as kind of a Barry's boot camp with ergs vs treadmills and sans aggressive edm in the background. Great workout and clean facilities.

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Brok H. - 5 Stars

By far the best gym in the city for those looking for a fresh new experience. I never knew how much rowing would impact my life. I have never been so consistent with going to the gym, now; I can't miss A RowClub class. 3 days a week and I am in the best shape of my life. Dino, Johan and Austin are patient instructors for newbies and then will elevate your fitness over time. The classes are a great balance between rowing, core and improved balance. The location is a bonus if your like me and work in the city. Sign up quick as classes fill up fast due to the great popularity of RowClub.

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Kristin F. - 5 Stars

I love this workout!  Dino is a great instructor with high energy, a strong grounding in general health/fitness as well as rowing technique for everyone from beginners to advanced rowers.  He has great rapport with the students in his classes and I always feel like I get a terrific, low-impact, full-body cardio workout after just 45 minutes here.  The class times offered and location are really convenient for folks working downtown.  Just be aware you'll definitely sweat in this class and there's towels and a bathroom but no shower!

*Results may vary per customer experience

Ellen S. - 4 Stars

What's unique about this place and what I don't think you can get anywhere else, is the instruction.  The instructors are all very technical, expert-level themselves with collegiate rowing experience.  This means the major emphasis is form, so no worries about potential injuries.  They will engage with you before or after class and keep you smiling through a workout that makes you so drenched with sweat, you will look like you were on a boat anyway.  *Results may vary per customer experience

P. S5 Stars

Cyclists/Spinners - RowClub can give you much better workout for your legs AND as an added bonus, you get your upper body workout, less time!   

Anyway,  I've used a rowing machine at the gym, but I often got bored doing it alone.   I took Dino's class and he was very attentive in teaching us the right form.  I loved the fact he switched up between rowing/abs, rowing/weights, and so on.  Yep, my arms were shaking, so were my legs and after 45 min, I really felt like I got a good workout!   

I don't like to waste time in some non-sense that kinda comes with joining a bigger traditional gym.  RowClub, you can just come in, get your workout and leave without any fuss!   

I'm adding this to my regular workout routine along with my other activities/workouts!

*Results may vary per customer experience

Robin L - 5 Stars

I was a runner until I tore meniscus in both knees. I found RowClub and haven't missed running since! The workouts are very structured and you learn how to row efficiently and with a purpose. The instructors are all athletes themselves and are very helpful and encouraging. This is an intense workout that really can be done by all levels as you compete against yourself on the erg machine. The 45min workouts provide just as much as a normal one hour gym class. There is also a nice group mentality in the workouts as you try to row in rhythm with your classmates.

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David B. - 5 Stars

I have been visiting this gym for about a month and have to admit I am a big fan.  I am a former rower. I had heard of these rowing gyms and thought the concept sounded dumb but this place made a convert out of me. They have a nice small studio downtown and the ergs are well maintained and the place is clean. I can get in a great workout in 45 minutes at lunch and then be back at my desk in no time.  Some of the instructors are real deal rowers. Ryan Shelton is my favorite as he really recreates the feel of training on the water but all of them are good and all have their own style.  I have trained on an erg before but these guys really give good input on form etc. and get you to push yourself so I get way more out of it.  I have never been into group classes at a gym but I really like this place.  There is no shower so if you sweat a lot you will need to find a place to shower.  Otherwise it is great.  Oh, and you don't have to train in the alley as the pictures suggest :

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Michelle Z RowClub Review

Michelle Z. - 5 Stars

Small intimate classes make it feel like you have a personal trainer working with you. The rowing aspect adds a touch of novelty compared to other workout classes. It adds a new level of challenge and feels like you're learning a new sport. Coupled with the interval training format, what results is a very efficient 45 min workout that works the whole body. *Results may vary per customer experience


Mat M. - 5 Stars

I've been going to RowClub for about two months now and absolutely love it. Usually, I go in and out of workout phases because I get bored easily, (two months is usually when I think about moving on) but RowClub has been great and there is no end in sight for me. I try and go three times a week in the mornings, which means I work a lot with Dino, Maggie, and Johan. All provide a fun environment and tough workout while keeping classes different in their own ways. With no rowing experience I went to the complimentary first class just to try it out. After the class ended I immediately signed up for the unlimited pass. I suggest you do the same and at least try the free first class. *Results may vary per customer experience

Skyler B. RowClub Review San Francisco Indoor Rowing Studio

Skyler B. - 5 Stars

Simply put, these classes will change your life. Anxious about joining fitness classes? Scared of looking inexperienced on a rowing machine? Don’t be. Across the board, the instructors at RowClub are experienced, caring, patient people who’ll have you nailing the basics in your first five minutes. Whether you’ve never heard of rowing until now or you long to relive your glory days in crew, there’s something here for everyone. Come in, commit, and see firsthand how the full-body benefits of rowing can give you a new outlook on fitness, if not life. But be sure to do it soon. Classes fill up fast ;) 

*Results may vary per customer experience