A new exercise can be intimidating: Fortunately we've outlined this 2 minutes video on what NOT to do in class ;)

Yes, that is our world famous coach Johan.  He's a male model and like to wear funny costumes on the weekend. Ahoy Sailor

Now, Let's watch Johan teach proper technique. mmm dreamy

If you've never rowed before, don't be intimidated. We've taught over 5,000 people just like you how to row properly. It's actually why we exist as a company. With that said learning rowing is not easy. It is a bit like trigonometry or Spanish, it takes practice... 

Most Importantly Have fun, make a friend and breathe... whoosah. You're doing great:)

What To Wear - Lulu Lemon Spandex and a Nike Sports Bra. Nothing will impress your instagram followers more... 

No Shower :/- We don’t have a shower at the Belden location, but there are free hands towels for you to wipe the dripping sweat before heading back to work.